Lekau Sehoana-Image Source@InstagramLekau Sehoana-Image Source@Instagram

Drip Boss Lekau Sehoana’s estranged wife Arrested for Extortion and Conspiracy to Commit Murder

The estranged wife of footwear brand Drip boss, Lekau Sehoana, was apprehended at her residence in Waterfall Country Estates last night. The arrest followed serious allegations of extortion and conspiracy to commit murder.

According to sources, Lebogang Sehoana was taken into custody after her husband filed complaints, claiming that he had to flee to Paris, France for his own safety. He accused his estranged wife of allegedly hiring hitmen to assassinate him.

The alleged plot unfolded amidst a contentious battle for shares in their footwear empire, a business that Lebogang asserts she helped start while they were still together.

Lekau Sehoana-Image Source@Instagram
Lekau Sehoana-Image Source@Instagram

Arrest and Court Appearance

Lebogang Sehoana was arrested on Friday at her home and is currently being held in the Silverton police holding cells for the weekend. She is scheduled to appear in court on Monday at the Pretoria magistrate’s court, facing charges of extortion and conspiracy to commit murder.

As of now, the police spokesperson, Mavela Masondo, has not provided a comment regarding the incident.

Lekau Sehoana’s wife gets thrown under the bus by Alleged Hitman

Sunday World has obtained a confession statement given by an alleged hitman at the police station, which places Lebogang at the center of a murder plot against her husband. The hitman revealed that he was approached by an accomplice from Diepsloot township in November 2021 to carry out the hit.

The statement reads as follows: “On the same day, (name withheld), accompanied by a lady driving a black BMW X4, approached us. (Name withheld) introduced her as Lebogang, the owner of Drip Footwear, and informed us that she would offer us a sum of one million and two hundred thousand (R1.2m) if we successfully carried out the murder of her husband, Lekau Freddy Sehoana.”

In the bone-chilling statement, the hitman confessed that he agreed to participate in the crime and requested an initial payment of R200,000 for himself and his accomplice.

“Lebogang provided us with photographs of her husband and assured us that money was not an issue. However, she requested four days to withdraw fifty thousand (R50,000) each day. During our next meeting, she also expressed a desire to purchase a firearm for self-protection,” the hitman disclosed.

The alleged murder plot was foiled as the businessman received a tip-off and promptly reported the matter to the authorities. The police made multiple visits to Lebogang’s estate over the past three weeks but were unable to locate her.

Prior Disputes and Arrest Attempts

In April, Sunday World reported on the escalating conflict between Lekau and Lebogang concerning the ownership and shares of his businesses. As a result, Lekau was compelled to file an additional case of extortion against Lebogang at the Midrand police station.

Furthermore, Lebogang allegedly attempted to have her husband arrested when she alerted the police after he defied her demands to grant her a 50% share in the company.

The Gauteng Police confirmed the ongoing investigation into the extortion case, stating, “We can confirm that a case of extortion has been opened at Pretoria Central Police, and the investigation is underway,” according to spokesperson Mavela Masondo.

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