Vusi Nova chases TK Nciza and Nhlanhla Mafu from Zahara's houseZahara, Vusi Nova, TK Nciza and Nhlanhla Mafu-Image Source@Iharare

In a surprising twist, renowned South African musician Vusi Nova took decisive action, leading to tensions and the expulsion of ANC Secretary TK Nciza and ex-wife Nhlanhla Mafu from Zahara’s residence in Roodepoort.

Absent Support in Times of Need: Tensions Flare Over Funeral Arrangements

Significant tensions arose as TK Nciza and Nhlanhla Mafu, absent during Zahara’s hospitalization, finally visited Zahara’s house to pay their respects, triggering a wave of controversy.

According to sources, TK Nciza proposed that the ANC take charge of funeral arrangements and relocate Zahara’s body from the current mortuary, a suggestion that did not sit well with Zahara’s inner circle.

Vusi Nova takes charge
Vusi Nova and Zahara-Image Source@iharare

“They arrived at the house, offering condolences to Bulelwa’s mom. TK proposed that the ANC handles the funeral arrangements and moves the body, causing discontent among many,” a source revealed.

Zahara’s family had reportedly sought assistance from TK Nciza and Nhlanhla during her hospitalization, but they were not financially supportive nor did they visit her in the hospital.

Vusi Nova Takes a Stand

TK Nciza’s proposal sparked outrage, especially given Zahara’s previous accusations of exploitation by him and Dj Sbu under their record label TS Records. Vusi Nova, a close friend of Zahara, vehemently opposed TK Nciza’s actions and took matters into his own hands.

Vusi Nova, expressing his outrage at their sudden involvement after Zahara’s illness, confronted TK Nciza and Nhlanhla Mafu, ultimately chasing them out of Zahara’s house.

“He told them bluntly and chased them out of the house. Where were they the entire time?” – a source revealed.

Amidst the ongoing controversy, Zahara’s family remains focused on honouring her memory and ensuring a dignified send-off.

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