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Dr. Nandipha’s Smudged Fingerprints Leads To The Identification Of Katlego Bereng’s Body

Dr. Nandipha Magudumana’s smudged fingerprints played a pivotal role in aiding the authorities to identify the remains of Katlego Bereng.

She will need to provide an explanation for how she was able to obtain possession of Bereng’s body.

Subsequently, Bereng’s body was utilized as a decoy in Thabo Bester’s prison break.

Bester had been found guilty of rape and murder and the escape took place on May 3rd, 2022.

News24 reported that when Magudumana went to a hospital in Bloemfontein to claim Bereng’s body, she attempted to smudge her fingerprints to avoid being identified.

Despite her efforts, authorities were able to confirm her identity. Her smudged fingerprints played a crucial role in helping the state identify the body of the 32-year-old father.

According to the publication, Bereng’s fingerprints were also found on the form that Magudumana used to claim his body.

Furthermore, records of Magudumana’s successful attempt to claim Bereng’s body just days before the escape will be used by the State as evidence that he was murdered to facilitate the Facebook rapist’s fake death.

Katlego Bereng’s Family Lay Charges

According to a report by Ground Up on Wednesday, ActionSA Free State Chairperson, Patricia Kopane, confirmed that criminal charges have been laid in connection with the death of Katlego Bereng.

Bereng’s father, Batho Mpholo, who is a member of ActionSA, laid the charges against the Free State Department of Health.

Additionally, Mpholo intends to pursue legal action against the Department of Correctional Services and G4S, the multinational company responsible for the prison.

ActionSA Free State Chairperson, Patricia Kopane, stated that according to the police, Katlego Bereng was found unconscious and picked up by an ambulance.

He passed away before reaching the National Hospital in Bloemfontein due to low blood pressure. His body was subsequently taken to the Free State morgue.

His body was subsequently taken to the Free State morgue. Bereng’s family is now requesting access to the medical report from the paramedics who transported him to the hospital and his death certificate.

Additionally, they are asking the police to investigate how Magudumana was able to claim Bereng’s body since she was not his spouse.


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