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Dr. Nandipha’s Birthday Marred By Violence As Thabo Bester Assaults Her In Front Of Guests

Thabo Bester reportedly physically assaulted Dr. Nandipha in front of guests on her 34th birthday last September.

Those close to the celebrity doctor and influencer have been murmuring about the traumatic events of that day.

Last year, Bester made a daring escape from the Mangaung Correctional Centre in Bloemfontein by faking his death.

After his escape, he sought refuge with Dr. Nandipha and the couple took up residence in an impressive mansion worth R12 million.

Why Thabo Bester Beat Dr. Nandipha

According to sources close to Dr. Nandipha, just four months after Bester escaped from jail, the couple hosted a birthday celebration for her 34th birthday.

However, what started as a minor disagreement over seating arrangements quickly escalated into a violent altercation, leaving the situation in an ugly state.

Reportedly, during the argument at Dr. Nandipha’s birthday celebration, Bester suggested that the doctor disagreed.

Eyewitnesses claim that Bester, a convicted rapist, and murderer, responded to her dissent with multiple slaps to her delicate and flawless cheeks.

“On the day he slapped Nandipha, it was based on the seating arrangements. He told Nandipha that he was in charge of her party, and he should be the one who should decide who sits where and how.”

After assaulting Dr. Nandipha in front of her guests during her birthday celebration, Bester’s fiery temper resulted in a fit of enraged fury, causing him to overturn tables and create chaos.

Despite the violent outburst, Bester attempted to force Dr. Nandipha to leave with him, but she refused.

Dr. Nandipha’s friends accompanied her to the Sandton Police Station to report the assault, but they were told to try to resolve the issue between themselves.

Serially-Abusive Thabo Bester

In addition to the incident at Dr. Nandipha’s birthday celebration, her friends have shared with Sunday World that Thabo Bester was known to habitually assault her in front of her two young daughters.

The girls were from Dr. Nandipha’s previous marriage to Dr. Mkhuseli “Mac” Magudumana, whom she divorced in 2018, according to The South African.

Recently, there was a leak of a suspicious audio clip believed to be from Thabo Bester to Dr. Nandipha.

In the high-pitched WhatsApp message, Bester allegedly threatened to k!ll Dr. Nandipha and her husband, accusing her of ignoring his calls.

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