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Dr. Nandipha’s “Abduction” Claims| Here Is Why Legal Experts Say She Might Win Her Case

Legal analysts have shared their perspectives on Dr. Nandipha’s legal endeavor to assert the illegality of her arrest.

Legal experts suggest that Dr. Nandipha Magudumana may have a viable opportunity to succeed in her case if she can provide evidence that she was indeed arrested by South African authorities while in Tanzania.

Nevertheless, the overall public opinion among South Africans regarding Magudumana’s approach to obtain her release is lukewarm at best.

Many people have express disapproval and suggest that she should be re-arrested if she manages to secure her freedom based on technicalities.

Dr. Nandipha, along with her boyfriend Thabo Bester, was apprehended while evading South African authorities subsequent to the latter’s escape from the Mangaung Correctional Centre in Bloemfontein.

As reported by EWN, the controversial public figure is scheduled to present her case for release at the Bloemfontein High Court on Thursday, May 25th.

During an interview on eNCA, consular and border control expert, Tsang Moila, expressed the opinion that the celebrity doctor might not succeed in her case if Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi’s account of the facts surrounding her deportation is accurate.

Moila drew attention to the statement made by Motsoaledi, where he asserted that the South African police were not involved in Magudumana’s deportation.

According to Motsoaledi, officials from the Department of Home Affairs were dispatched to Tanzania to facilitate the return of both the doctor and Bester.

Moila emphasized that for Magudumana and her legal team to prevail in their case, they would need to provide evidence demonstrating that the police, rather than the Department of Home Affairs, were responsible for her deportation.

According to Moila, in cases involving deportations, it is typically the Department of Home Affairs that takes the lead, rather than the police, as they are the government agency primarily responsible for overseeing such processes.

Law Experts Say Dr. Nandipha Might Win Her Case

Contrary to the views expressed by Tsang Moila, immigration lawyer Gary Eisenberg offered a different perspective during his interview on eNCA.

Eisenberg suggested that Magudumana could potentially have a strong case if the facts presented in her court application prove to be accurate.

Eisenberg clarified that Dr. Nandipha’s legal argument revolves around her assertion that she was apprehended by the South African police while in Tanzania and then forcibly brought back to South Africa.

If these circumstances can be substantiated, Eisenberg contends that it would indicate that Dr. Nandipha was essentially abducted, thereby rendering her arrest as unlawful.

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