Dr ‘Death’ Melusi Dlamini’s Tweets Deemed As Involuntary Manslaughter

Black Twitter insists the director of clinical services at Marie Stops SA, Dr. Melusi Dlamini should be held accountable by his employer; Marie Stops SA for his involuntary manslaughter tweets. 

The doctor, who has now deactivated his Twitter account, proudly tweeted a few hours ago about how he got someone blacklisted from universities in South Africa until the individual committed suicide. 

The doctor who is now trending as ‘Dr. Death’ tweeted: 

“I’ve told you the story of how I got someone blacklisted from ever registering at any university in SA until he killed himself? All because of he wrote a homophobic Facebook status. I’d do it all over again, without even flinching.”


As if his horrific tweet wasn’t enough, the doctor replied to his tweet with:

“You don’t get to make my existence a living hell and expect me to be civil. You will die.”

The doctor was one of the many tweeps yesterday who were tagging MacG’s sponsor; Old Mutual and responding to MacG’s homophobic podcast which resulted in Old Mutual canceling its contract with the radio broadcaster.

Tweeps started tagging the department of health, his employer, and many more health organizations after his tweets went viral as they were appalled by them. 

A tweep who emailed his employer, Marie Stops South Africa took a screenshot and tweeted the email he tweeted Marie Stops SA which read:

“With lots of reluctance and heavy heart, this is to bring to your attention the admission of guilt by one of your employee’s Dr Melusi Dlamini (Clinical Executive, Marie Stopes South Africa) for involuntary manslaughter.”

See the rest of the email below…

Tweeps replied to email: 

“I’ve been warning those who have been tagging #MacG sponsors, trying to destroy him instead of sensitizing him…now they are dealing with u. U SEE YOUR LIFE.”

“It Will End In Tears! THE END”

“Ntwana and you career is over, over some characters.”

“In all your battles, see to it that you don’t become the monster you’re fighting against.”

“Can we also find out the man who ended up committing suicide due to threats from Dr Melusi Dhlamini.”

“If Dr Death drove him to suicide and successfully blacklisted him at all SA universities, he’s damn well capable of wiping out all his social media accounts and proof that he once existed.”

It is unknown who the individual is that took his life at this stage. Dr. Dlamini was previously named one of the Mail and Guardian’s top 200 influential young persons.


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