Doja Cat's brotherDoja Cat's brother accused of abuse-Image Source@X
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, mother of the renowned artist Doja Cat, has taken legal action by seeking a restraining order against her son, Raman Dalithando Dlamini, and is urging her daughter to secure protection from him as well.

According to reports from TMZ, legal documents have been filed by Sawyer, alleging that the 30-year-old Dlamini has subjected both her and Doja Cat (birth name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) to various forms of abuse.

Doja Cat’s brother accused of abuse

Shockingly, it is claimed that Doja Cat has had her teeth knocked out by Raman and has suffered cuts and bruises due to physical abuse. Additionally, he is accused of theft and destruction of Doja Cat’s property, coupled with verbal degradation that has left the 28-year-old “Paint the Town Red” artist feeling unsafe and traumatized.

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Doja Cat's brother accused of abuse
Doja Cat and her brother-Image Source@X

Sawyer has asserted that she has been physically abused and threatened by Dlamini on multiple occasions over the past year, with the most recent incident allegedly occurring earlier this month, as per TMZ sources.

In response to the filed documents, a judge has reportedly granted Sawyer court-ordered protection pending a hearing for a permanent restraining order. This is not the first time she has sought such protection against her son, as a previous order had expired.

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Doja Cat remains silent about the charges

Doja Cat will need to initiate her own legal proceedings if she wishes to secure protection from her brother. As of now, there has been no public comment from her on the matter through her Instagram or Twitter accounts.

It is worth noting that despite the ongoing family drama, Doja Cat has recently been announced as one of the headliners for Coachella 2024. The star-studded lineup includes Tyler, the Creator, Lana Del Rey, and a reunited No Doubt.

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