Dj Zinhle with another manDj Zinhle with another man-Image Source@thesouthafrican

DJ Zinhle’s recent beach pictures have ignited a social media frenzy, leaving fans questioning her intentions. She was spotted enjoying some leisure time with fellow DJ Benny Billionaire, and the images have set tongues wagging.

Fans Feeling Sorry for Murdah Bongz

Ever since the passing of AKA, DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz have been in the limelight. Some fans had strong opinions about DJ Zinhle’s way of mourning, and others even claimed that Murdah Bongz was not “man enough” in their relationship.

The recent pictures of DJ Zinhle grinding her backside on another man only fueled the pity for Murdah Bongz. The two have had a lot of things they do criticized by the media. However they have always claimed to have a happy marriage despite the trolls.

The Latest Controversy

This time around, the beach photos with Benny Billionaire have fans speculating once again. Popular Twitter user Chris Excel started the discussion, suggesting that DJ Zinhle was not just coming for Murdah Bongz’s heart but his entire nervous system.

Fans Express Concern

Chris Excel’s tweet triggered a wave of reactions from fans who expressed their concerns for Murdah Bongz. Some suggested that the photos implied more than just friendship, while others questioned the authenticity of their love.

Many X users claimed that the poses were not fit for a married woman and were disrespectful to Murdah Bongz. Others were on the DJ’s side and saw nothing wrong with the two best friends having fun.

DJ Zinhle’s beach photos have certainly captured the public’s attention, and fans are divided over their interpretation. While some think it’s just a fun photoshoot, others suspect a deeper connection. Regardless, it’s clear that DJ Zinhle’s love life continues to be a topic of discussion.

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