DJ Maphorisa, Emtee and Dj Tira-Image Source@InstagramDJ Maphorisa, Emtee and Dj Tira-Image Source@Instagram

DJ Tira Warns DJ Maphorisa Against Working With Emtee

DJ Tira, whose real name is Mthokozi Khathi, has shared his bad experience with rapper Emtee and advised DJ Maphorisa not to collaborate with him. DJ Maphorisa had posted a tweet asking his fans how to book Emtee for a project. DJ Tira commented that Emtee had failed to show up for a music video shoot with him. He also said that Emtee needs to sort out his personal problems.

The downfall of Emtee

Emtee, whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu, has been struggling with his life and career. The Roll-Up hitmaker rose to fame quickly but soon faced scandals such as drug abuse, domestic violence and exposing himself online. He is also going through a divorce from his pregnant wife Nicole Chinsamy, who had him arrested for allegedly assaulting her.

Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)
Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

The tweet that started it all

DJ Maphorisa, who is famous for his hit songs such as Mnike and Soweto Baby, took to Twitter to ask his fans how he can book Emtee for a project. He wrote:

“How do we book Emtee, pls help,”

DJ Tira, who is a renowned musician and producer, responded to the tweet by warning DJ Maphorisa about working with Emtee. He said:

“Emtee really disappointed me. We dropped a song with @DuncanSkuva, when we wanted to shoot the music video he disappeared, I have never heard from him since then. The music video never came out. But I wish him well, I hope he gets his house in order,”

The backlash from Emtee’s fans

DJ Tira’s comment did not go down well with some of Emtee’s fans, who accused him of trying to block Emtee’s opportunities and progress. One fan wrote:

“Tira this is so unnecessary why does it seem like you want to gatekeep aowa maan you too old for this,”

DJ Tira defended himself by saying that he wants the best for Emtee and hopes that he becomes responsible. He said:

“I’m not gatekeeping anything. I’m just sharing my experience. I want him to win but he needs to be responsible,”

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