DJ Tira and AKA-Image Source@InstagramDJ Tira and AKA-Image Source@Instagram

DJ Tira Expresses Fear Following Killings of Fellow Musicians

Award-winning musician and record label boss, Mthokozisi “DJ Tira” Khathi, has shared his deep concerns and fear in the wake of the brutal killings of his fellow musicians. The renowned Sikilidi hitmaker recently spoke to Daily Sun, revealing that he now prioritizes his personal safety before accepting any bookings.

After the tragic and untimely death of his friend and rapper, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, who was fatally shot in Durban earlier this year, DJ Tira acknowledges the unpredictability of such incidents. He emphasizes the need to ensure safety measures are in place before committing to any engagements. “You don’t know what can happen anywhere. I check my safety first when I get booked, and where I don’t feel safe, I don’t go,” DJ Tira stated.

DJ Tira-Image Source@Instagram
DJ Tira-Image Source@Instagram

Reflecting on the shocking murder that occurred on Florida Road, one of Durban’s most popular and busiest thoroughfares, DJ Tira highlights the urgency for improved safety measures and security precautions in the country.

Call for Collective Action

Expressing his concern for the well-being of all individuals in South Africa, DJ Tira extends his plea for collaboration between the government and citizens to effectively address these alarming incidents. He emphasizes that everyone deserves protection, not just celebrities. “All people need protection from the killings, not only celebs,” he affirmed.

Cassper Nyovest Enhances Security

DJ Tira is not alone in intensifying personal security measures. Last year, rapper and businessman Cassper Nyovest, also known as Refiloe Phoolo, expressed feeling unsafe following the brutal murder of his friend and amapiano pioneer DJ Sumbody. DJ Sumbody, a co-owner of Ayepyep Lifestyle, was tragically shot and killed in Johannesburg in November of the previous year.

Describing his deep shock upon receiving distressing images of DJ Sumbody’s lifeless body, Cassper acknowledged his own vulnerability. “It’s not safe, man. I have been ignorant for a very long time, and DJ Sumbody’s death woke me and made me realize that we are not safe. His death really messed me up,” he confessed.

Cassper Nyovest’s decision to enhance his personal security is driven by multiple factors. As a public figure, he recognizes the need for heightened precautions due to his lavish lifestyle, including residing in a mansion, driving luxury cars, and possessing expensive jewelry. He emphasizes the importance of not putting his life at risk and tempting potential criminals.

“I am always walking around with expensive jewelry. I can’t afford to put my life at risk and tempt people. I also need to remember who I am; I am Cassper Nyovest. I am not just some normal guy who can just walk around freely. I would love to live like that, walk round the streets and not be recognized, but I am not that guy,” Cassper explained.

The rapper expressed gratitude for the wakeup call that made him aware of the need to prioritize his safety and maintain a clear understanding of his public status.

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