DJ Sumbody and Ralph Stanfield-Image Source@InstagramDJ Sumbody and Ralph Stanfield-Image Source@Instagram

Dj Sumbody’s Partner Plans To Recoup Allegedly Stolen Funds

Kagiso Setsetse, known as DJ Sumbody’s business partner and friend, reportedly communicated to the slain musician’s younger brother, Koketso Sefoka, his intention to recover the money that he claims DJ Sumbody had allegedly stolen from Ayepyep prior to his tragic murder. This revelation came to light through WhatsApp messages exchanged between Setsetse and Sefoka in March.

Contentious Messages from Setsetse

Setsetse’s messages to Sefoka were fervent and confrontational. He stated, “That car will be taken, all the money your brother took unlawfully will be claimed, you will be left with nothing cuz of your f@#k greediness and stupidity. Your brother stole a lot of money through the business name and sponsors have given me proof. I have decided to keep quiet, but now I am going to claim every cent because of your stupidity and evil personality.”

Unanswered Questions and Pleas

DJ Sumbody-Image Source@Twitter
DJ Sumbody-Image Source@Twitter

Sefoka, in response, seemed perplexed and emotional. He questioned Setsetse’s motives, asking why he was antagonizing his brother and pleading for understanding: “But why are you fighting with Oupa, my brother? What has he done to you for you to be so against him KG. O, big brother and I always asked to be so [sic].”

Allegations of Threats and Family Dispute

Earlier reports suggest that Sefoka believed he was being threatened by Setsetse. In May, Sefoka accused Setsetse of withholding crucial business information from him and his family despite Sefoka’s mother being appointed as the executrix of the estate. Sefoka also claimed that Setsetse had insulted his mother and declared sole ownership of the business following DJ Sumbody’s death.

Setsetse’s Response

In response, Setsetse stated Sunday World. He recommended that Koketso open a case with the police if he felt threatened. Setsetse acknowledged that he had denied Koketso access to the club due to alleged harassment of staff and interference with operations. He clarified, “He was never part of the business.”

Furthermore, Setsetse denied claims of complete ownership, asserting that he only owned 50% of the business, with the remaining 50% belonging to DJ Sumbody’s estate. He emphasized that this arrangement was documented and that the ongoing succession process would be finalized by attorneys.

In the midst of these allegations, counter-allegations, and disputes, the fate of DJ Sumbody’s business and legacy remains uncertain.

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