DJ Sumbody, Kagiso and Ralph Stanfield-Image Source@InstagramDJ Sumbody, Kagiso and Ralph Stanfield-Image Source@Instagram

DJ Sumbody’s Business Partner Claims 28s Gang Boss Ralph Stanfield is Threatening Him

The businessman who co-owns Ayepyep Lifestyle with slain musician DJ Sumbody, says he will not be returning to South Africa until alleged 28s gang leader, Ralph Stanfield, is arrested.

According to News24, Kagiso Setsetse – who fled to Dubai in April – said this in an urgent application filed in the Western Cape High Court in April.

What Went Wrong?

In the court papers, Setsetse disclosed that DJ Sumbody introduced him to Stanfield – who portrayed himself as a family man. The plan was that he would run their security when they opened the Ayepyep branch in Cape Town. He is said to have told them that they would not be able to operate because other gangsters would demand money from them or close them down.

DJ Sumbody and Ralph Stanfield-Image Source@Instagram
DJ Sumbody and Ralph Stanfield-Image Source@Instagram

However, business was not rosy between the Ayepyep owners and the alleged gang leader as he insisted on calling the shots. He reportedly brought a security company to ensure safety in the club and insisted that his cousin be appointed as an “administration lady” while his wife, Nicole Johnson, ran the business because Setsetse and DJ Sumbody were in Gauteng.

DJ Sumbody’s business partner reveals threats and demands

After a while, the suspected mafia boss allegedly demanded shares and told the owners to issue the share certificate to his mother-in-law, Barbara Johnson. When they refused, Stanfield allegedly threatened to close down operation and threatened staff.

“He proceeded to show us a video of a story on the news of luxury vehicles being vandalized at a business located in Cape Town for which he claimed that he was responsible,” Setsetse alleged.

Stanfield was reportedly not happy with the shares and demanded all of the club’s ownership. He reportedly would threaten Setsetse and DJ Sumbody by sending them pictures and videos of people being killed.

Missing Money from Ayepyep Cape Town

DJ Sumbody, Kagiso and Ralph Stanfield-Image Source@Instagram
DJ Sumbody, Kagiso and Ralph Stanfield-Image Source@Instagram

Last month, Sunday World reported that Setsetse’s court order was to force Stanfield to return all 14 of the club’s speed points as his men were instructed to remove them and replace them with speed points belonging to his wife’s cousin who was receiving all the club’s funds.

In addition, he wanted access to the CCTV camera system which he claims he was disconnected from and for Stanfield to keep a 500-meter distance from him and his company.

The court order, however, favored Stanfield’s wife as she was instructed to commence her duties as the club’s general manager after Setsetse suspended her. She and Stanfield were ordered to return the speed points and the money made when they were removed should be transferred to the Ayepyep business account.

In addition, Setsetse was interdicted from using the account to make payments not related to Ayepyep Cape Town.

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