DJ Sbu speaks on alleged Fake pregnancyDJ Sbu-Image Source(Twitter)

DJ Sbu, the multi-talented South African artist known for his music, podcasting, and entrepreneurial ventures, is once again causing a stir. After a hiatus focused on promoting his energy drink brand, MoFaya, and various business interests, he’s returned with a fresh single, ‘I’ll Be There,’ featuring Tina Ardor.

This comeback isn’t just about the music; it’s also marked by his penchant for bold promotional stunts.


One of the most intriguing aspects of DJ Sbu’s return is his recent statement denying his association with the masked kwaito artist, Mzekezeke, as reported by IOL. This revelation has left fans and the media puzzled, sparking a flurry of speculation and intrigue. DJ Sbu’s disavowal of Mzekezeke adds an extra layer of mystery to his already enigmatic persona.

Are y’all sure Dj Sbu is Mzekezeke? 🤣 #SenzoMeyiwaTrial

The artist has harnessed the power of social media to promote his new music vigorously. He’s been flooding platforms with various content pieces to support ‘I’ll Be There.’ This social media blitz is characteristic of Dj’s marketing mastery, employing audacious and unconventional tactics to grab the audience’s attention.


From congratulating Black Coffee on his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden to sharing a fabricated image of Mzekezeke with Canadian rapper Drake, DJ Sbu’s social media presence has been nothing short of sensational.

The only problem about this DJ Sbu song featuring Tina Ardor is that it ends😭😭 What a summer tune, what a comeback❤ What a masterpiece. Perfect for driving at night😊

These posts have sparked discussions and debates, underscoring the influence of social media in modern music promotion.


DJ Sbu’s return to the music scene, coupled with the Mzekezeke mystery and his unique social media marketing approach, has transformed his comeback into a social media sensation.

DJ Sbu has a funny way of confessing he’s Mzekezeke 😂😂😂 “Kabelo wrote a song for Mzekezeke titled ‘Fosta Njengo Mzekezeke’.” 🤣 Grootman, if you were with Bouga Luv, ungenaphi Zakhele, Mzekezeke? 😂😂

As fans and the public eagerly await more from this dynamic artist, it’s clear that DJ Sbu knows how to keep his audience entertained and engaged both on and offline.


Whether he’s truly Mzekezeke or not, one thing is certain – DJ Sbu’s return to music is something worth following closely, as it unfolds in the digital age of entertainment.



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