DJ Sbu opens up on fake pregnancyDJ Sbu-Image Source(Instagram)

DJ Sbu Accuses a Woman of Falsely Accusing Him with a fake pregnancy

Sbusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope shared a story about a woman accusing him of impregnating her, despite not knowing her. The woman claimed he fathered her child, demanding he pays her money.

In the Virtual Mkhukhu podcast, Sbu revealed the woman approached him after work hours, alleging that they had a one-night stand. The woman threatened to expose him to the press if he did not give her the money.

DJ Sbu speaks on alleged fake pregnancy
DJ Sbu-Image Source(Twitter)

The woman admitted lying after revealing her family’s financial struggles. DJ Sbu sees the incident of the fake pregnancy as an example of the challenges celebrities face.

Financial Troubles for the DJ

DJ Sbu revealed his lavish lifestyle and poor financial decisions on The Penuel Show podcast. He talked about his spending habits and living beyond his means while he was in the entertainment industry.

He admitted that he was overspending, stating that he looked richer than he was. DJ Sbu has learned from his financial mistakes, realizing that he needs to make smarter decisions as he gets older.

DJ Sbu speaks on alleged Fake pregnancy
DJ Sbu-Image Source(Twitter)

The Journey Continues for DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu has come a long way since his early days in the entertainment industry. He has found his footing and continues to make strides in his career.

Although he has had his fair share of challenges, he remains open about his journey, hoping to inspire others to follow their dreams. Despite the false accusations, DJ Sbu continues to make a positive impact in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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