DJ Maphorisa-Image Source(Instagram)DJ Maphorisa-Image Source(Instagram)

Social media is abuzz with controversy as the Afropiano Fest faces off against renowned music producer and DJ Maphorisa in a festival boycott showdown.

DJ Maphorisa’s Instagram Announcement Sparks Controversy

DJ Maphorisa, also known as Madumane, has set the internet on fire with his recent Instagram post. In a surprising move, he posted the Afropiano Festival’s event flyer with a prominent red X over it, along with a bold statement declaring his and his affiliated artists’ absence from the festival. He accused the festival organizers, who are not South African, of exploiting local artists for financial gain. Maphorisa expressed his frustration, saying,

“I’m not performing will be in Malawi @afropianofest. Totally disrespectful, especially a promoter coming from outside the country and trying to make money with us. All my artists are not attending this event @niapearlza @tylericu. I hope they paid @focalistic.”

Afropiano Fest Organizers Respond: Payment Proof and Removal from Lineup

In response to DJ Maphorisa’s accusations, the Afropiano Festival organizers wasted no time in presenting evidence that they had already paid a deposit of R30,000 for his scheduled performance on Sunday. They released an official statement confirming his removal from the event lineup due to his unprofessional conduct, stating:

“Dear Afropiano lovers, It has come to our attention that one of the acts we booked (DJ Maphorisa) paid and received a contract from his management for our closing party at the One Club on Sunday, 22nd, has decided to deny any knowledge of the booking and has gone on social media to defame our character with hate speech, even though he is fully aware of the booking and accepted it. We cannot associate with this type of unprofessionalism and have decided to remove him from our lineup with immediate effect. We will take every necessary legal step to ensure this unprofessionalism is dealt with.”

History Repeats: DJ Maphorisa’s Previous Contractual Issues

This isn’t the first time DJ Maphorisa has faced contractual controversies. In 2022, he and Kabza De Small made headlines after a no-show at the Victoria Falls Carnival, allegedly swindling organizers of US$18,000. A High Court of Zimbabwe judge even issued a warrant for their arrest. To avoid legal trouble, the duo deposited R315,000 as security with the Sheriff of the High Court in Zimbabwe.

As the feud between DJ Maphorisa and the Afropiano Fest organizers unfolds on social media, the South African music industry watches closely to see how this situation will be resolved.

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