DJ Maphorisa and Mlindo The Vocalist-Image Source(Instagram)DJ Maphorisa and Mlindo The Vocalist-Image Source(Instagram)

DJ Maphorisa And Mlindo The Vocalist Let Go Of Their Beef

DJ Maphorisa and Mlindo were not getting along for a long time, but they have now made peace and shaken hands. DJ Maphorisa helped Mlindo become famous by giving him a chance to showcase his beautiful voice in a viral video.

Even though Mlindo needed more resources to produce music professionally, Maphorisa realized his talent and gave him a chance to be a star.

DJ Maphorisa-Image Source(Instagram)
DJ Maphorisa-Image Source(Instagram)

DJ Maphorisa and Mlindo The Vocalist’s beef and how it started

However, things turned sour between them when Maphorisa accused Mlindo of backstabbing him after he gave him everything he needed to launch his career.

Maphorisa had even signed Mlindo to his record label. Mlindo’s former manager, Nyiko, confirmed that he had parted ways with “troublesome” Mlindo a year ago.

Mlindo The Vocalist-Image Source(Instagram)
Mlindo The Vocalist-Image Source(Instagram)

Mlindo later admitted to shaking hands with DJ Maphorisa, and they are now working together again. They cleared the air and worked on the deluxe version of DJ Maphorisa’s album Lindokuhle released in 2022.

“We are good now; it was just a misunderstanding between my manager and him. He couldn’t get hold of me and blamed Nyiko. Ntwana took over, and Maphorisa lost contact with me. It had nothing to do with exploitation like everyone made it out to be. We sat down, had a chat and cleared the air. We were in the studio three days ago working on the deluxe version of his album Lindokuhle released in 2022.”

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