DJ Maphorisa-Image Source(Instagram)DJ Maphorisa-Image Source(Instagram)

Renowned international DJ Maphorisa faces allegations that have stirred quite a buzz, with claims suggesting involvement with male artists, including Daliwonga.

Unraveling the Tlof Tlof Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, DJ Maphorisa found himself trending following accusations made by Bongani Joshua Tsime, an ex-convict, during The Wall Podcast with SkeemGP.

Explosive Accusations by Bongani Joshua Tsime

Bongani Joshua Tsime has made explosive accusations, claiming that DJ Maphorisa is involved in undisclosed activities with male artists. He specifically mentioned Daliwonga and other Amapiano male artists signed under DJ Maphorisa’s label. This controversy suggests inappropriate relationships within the music industry.

“DJ Maphorisa is secretly involved with other men, including Daliwonga and others. He is intimately connected with Daliwonga,” Tsime asserted.

Video Evidence Sparks a Frenzy

The video footage of Tsime’s interview quickly went viral, capturing DJ Maphorisa’s attention and drawing the public’s gaze.

DJ Maphorisa Responds to Allegations

DJ Maphorisa, taking to his social media platform, vowed to address the startling claims, promising to take action against Bongani Joshua Tsime.

“I’m determined to demonstrate how I handle these types of issues. I will ensure he faces consequences,” declared DJ Maphorisa.

Public Support for DJ Maphorisa

The controversy prompted an outpouring of support from netizens, urging DJ Maphorisa to confront Bongani Joshua Tsime for disseminating such allegations. Social media has united in the call to teach Tsime a lesson.

Public Reactions

  • @tshepo_maphepha: Encouraged DJ Maphorisa to deal firmly with the situation, emphasizing the negative impact of baseless claims on people’s careers.
  • @Ubuhlee: Echoed the need for action, expressing frustration with individuals who spread unfounded rumors.
  • @jackmalulek: Condemned Tsime’s actions, suggesting that they were far from humorous, and supported decisive measures against him.
  • @ShaunButi: Urged DJ Maphorisa to make Tsime pay for his allegations.
  • @Phindig29: Highlighted the societal hunger for attention through damaging statements and endorsed addressing this issue.


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