Dj Black Coffee Responds To Enhle Mbali’s Public Threats

Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa had lost her battle in court as she sought to make her internationally famous estranged husband,  DJ Black Coffee, pay millions in lawful expenses such as spouse maintenance and child support.

Dj Black Coffee left successful a week ago when an appointed authority in the Johannesburg High Court decided that her requests were over the top as well as that they weren’t sensible and realistic.

In the statement, Enhle goes went on to state how she had expected an agreeable method to resolve the differences within their marriage and avoid further damage for the sake of their children. This was however not too long ago in April of this year.

In a sudden change of events, Enhle Mbali is once again breaking her silence and threatening to expose DJ Black Coffee. In a lengthy teary rant in an Instagram video, she shared on her platform –  she started off by saying,

“To all the media houses, i will be holding a press conference and i will bring evidence, text messages.”

And she further went on to state how she has proof of Dj Black Coffee paying off media platforms to tarnish her image.

However, this time around Dj Black Coffee who usually chooses to remain silent – wrote a response to the viral video that has been doing rounds on social media on his Twitter page. The Dj had the following to say,

” In April I tweeted that I did not, and would not assault Mbali. I did this to set the record straight in order to correct the narrative that is out there.I thereafter chose to remain silent about issue as I had faith and trust in the judicial system.

Following the proceedings, the Court has ruled in my favor. The interim Protection order was set aside and her case dismissed. Thank you all who stood by my side.”

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