Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake-Image Source@InstagramLebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake-Image Source@Instagram

Lebo M and Pretty Samuels Morake’s divorce battle is escalating after Pretty filed a protection order against the Grammy award-winning producer, Lebo M. She alleges emotional, verbal, financial, and psychological abuse.

The protection order aims to prevent Lebo M from intimidating, threatening, degrading, or humiliating Pretty Samuels-Morake, along with prohibiting him from spreading false information to tarnish her reputation.

This came after the producer went on interviews opening up to the world on why he was leaving his wife. Despite news that the couple ha sought counselling from family members and were no longer divorcing, Lebo stated that Pretty still refused to hand him back his signing rights.

Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Image Source@Instagram
Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Image Source@Instagram 

Pretty Samuels denied access to their shared home

Furthermore, the dispute centers around their shared home in Waterfall Estate, as Lebo M asked Pretty to leave and denied her access, leading her to seek legal protection. The house is a rented property paid for by Prime Media, with Lebo M as the main registered tenant.

The divorce, which comes after just 18 months of marriage, is riddled with allegations, including the discovery of muthi in Samuels’ closet, leading to a breakdown in trust.

Lebo M states that he is afraid for his life

Lebo M also claimed that Samuels refused to sign an affidavit confirming she had not taken out any life cover policies in his name, adding to the growing list of grievances.

This came after Lebo M signed over his proxy to Pretty Samuels when he left the country temporarily. Upon his return it is said that Samuels refused to give back proxy rights to her husband.

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