Dingaan ThobelaDingaan Thobela's children fight over estate-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Dingaan Thobela’s children are fighting their grandfather over their late father’s estate after he took over his funeral parlour business.

The family of the late boxing icon Dingaan Thobela is already embroiled in a bitter dispute over his estate, barely two weeks after his burial. Thobela, who passed away on April 29, 2024, at the age of 57, was found deceased in his Johannesburg apartment.

Reports from ZiMoja indicate that Thobela’s 14 children are seeking an equal division of his assets, but his father, Godfrey Thobela, has allegedly assumed control of the entire estate. The matter is currently being adjudicated in court, with Godfrey having received a summons.

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Dispute Over Estate Management

According to a neighbor who spoke to ZiMoja, Dingaan had not returned home for three years prior to his death. “Dingaan was alone when he passed. He never visited home. He lived in a back room of a rundown building in Langlaagte, where he owned some shops. It was in that same place where his body was discovered,” the neighbor disclosed. “When they found him, his body had already begun to decompose because he was alone.”

The source further revealed that, following Dingaan’s death, his father began using his own banking details for transactions related to The Rose Funeral Parlour. “Dingaan’s accounts were frozen, and since Godfrey couldn’t access his funds, he posted his banking details on the funeral parlour door for clients to deposit payments directly into his personal account,” the neighbor added.

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Legal Battle Over Assets

Godfrey Thobela confirmed to ZiMoja that he had been served with a court summons. “They are taking me to court. I’m not sure what will be discussed, perhaps the division of his assets. The police delivered the summons to me last week. But I don’t have anything in my possession,” he stated. “Everything remains at his property in Langlaagte. His cars are broken down and are currently with mechanics for repairs.”


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