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Television actress and singer Denise Zimba has revealed the reasons behind her decision to keep her children in South Africa, despite her separation from estranged husband Jakob Schlichtig. According to court documents, Zimba’s marriage fell apart after she discovered her husband engaging in inappropriate behaviour while communicating with another woman.

A Mother’s Plea for Help Ignored

Zimba detailed in her court affidavit that Schlichtig refused to assist her by purchasing a plane ticket for her mother, who could have helped her with their children in Germany. Instead, he spent 900 euros on medical treatment for his sick cat. This, she stated, was one of many factors that led to her depression and the eventual breakdown of their marriage.

Accusations of Infidelity and Emotional Abuse

In her affidavit, Zimba accused Schlichtig of cheating, recounting an incident where she caught him pleasuring himself while texting another woman. She confronted him, and he admitted to his actions but justified them by claiming he could not be in a marriage that restricted him from such behaviour.

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Zimba also accused Schlichtig of emotional abuse, stating he often belittled her financial status and told her she would never find another man willing to be with her because she had two children.

Concerns for Her Children’s Well-being

Zimba expressed deep concerns about returning her children to Germany, citing potential physical and psychological harm. She emphasized that Schlichtig, a businessman with responsibilities in both Germany and South Africa, was not supportive in caring for their children. He had even refused to hire a helper to assist her.

A Fight for Custody

She argued that her decision to stay in South Africa was not unlawful, as she returned to seek support from her mother due to her inability to cope alone. Zimba is unemployed and relies on her mother, who is also unemployed, to help care for the children.

She highlighted that they owned a house in Cape Town, whereas their rented apartment in Germany was soon to expire. She also pointed out that her German residence permit would expire in August 2024, reinforcing her argument that their move to Germany was never intended to be permanent.

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The Impact on Her Career

Zimba stressed that living in Germany would have a detrimental effect on her career. She noted the lack of support from Schlichtig’s family, who lived nearby but seldom offered help during their stay.

A Return to South Africa

Since returning to South Africa, Zimba stated that both she and her children have been happier and healthier. She assured the court that Schlichtig is welcome to visit and spend time with the children, as he frequently travels to South Africa due to his business interests.

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