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“Demons Style”| Fans React To Uncle Waffles’ Unrecognizable Transformation

Eswatini-born DJ Uncle Waffles, real name Lungelihle Zwane, has recently been the topic of concern among her fans following her new transformation.

The pictures she posted while she was in New York City recently show a significant change in her appearance, leaving her fans shocked and struggling to recognize her.

The photos, which featured heavily applied makeup, an overdrawn dark lip liner, and a pitch-black mullet wig, prompted her followers to beg her to return to her previous look.

Uncle Waffles was accessorized with oversized gold Louis Vuitton earrings and eye-catching gold “ghetto fabulous” grills to complete the bold look.

Fans are worried that the entertainment industry may be putting pressure on Uncle Waffles to change her appearance and become a new version of Doja Cat.

While she has been enjoying her life both in and outside of the country, her fans hope that she remains true to herself and doesn’t feel compelled to conform to industry standards.


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In response to her new outfit and hairdo, her devoted followers have reached out to her on social media, urging her not to change herself and expressing their love for her just the way she was before.

They reassured her of their continued support and encouraged her to remain true to herself, emphasizing that her talent and personality were what mattered most to them.

Below are some of the comments on social media.


“You slowly but surely going to do the things Doja Cat does,” 


“Look like you been chased away from your own country,” 


“Haii Uncle sisi, 😭😭 please don’t change like Doja Cat bra. We love you the way you are sexy and feminine, not demons style braa 😭😭we understand you wanna fit in but stay the way you are ….you fit perfectly ❤️❤️ please don’t let them change you🥺🥺🥺❤️,” 

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