Woman steals from Nigerian boyfriendSouth African woman dupes Nigerian boyfriend in lobola scam-Image Source@iharare
A South African woman, Sindiswa Majola, is being applauded for her mysterious disappearance after successfully swindling her Nigerian boyfriend, Pastor Michael Obode, out of his lobola money in a planned scam.

Majola vanished, leaving Pastor Obode from Mamelodi, Pretoria, questioning her whereabouts along with the substantial R150,000 lobola payment that he had handed over to her supposed uncle. The lobola had been paid under the pretence of supporting familial ties.

Pastor Obode, a prominent figure with a church in Mamelodi, expressed frustration over Majola’s sudden disappearance. The couple had been residing in a backroom in Tembisa, Gauteng, and suspicions arose among neighbours that the man claiming to be Sindiswa’s uncle might actually be her true boyfriend, Bafana Madikizela.

Feeling betrayed, Pastor Obode threatened to seek the guidance of a powerful Sangoma if Majola failed to return the lobola money. Determined to recover his funds, the Nigerian pastor is now on a quest for justice, realizing that he has fallen victim to a meticulously planned scam orchestrated by his South African girlfriend.

Social Media Buzz: Amusement and Support Flood In woman accused of lobola scam

The news of this peculiar incident quickly spread across social media, sparking various reactions from amused South Africans who couldn’t help but find humour in the situation. Here are some of the noteworthy comments shared:

@MalumeRichie: Pastor is gonna go to a Powerful sangoma??? Scammer got scammed!!!

@BraStoveDieMahn: Scammer got scammed damn, the lord works in mysterious ways. Cheers to lord Christ Amen!

@Kgopotso_Pule: She needs to be the chairperson at the women’s conference to be held next month in March.

@cybercitizenx: So many questions to be answered. Did the man of God not see the scam in the spirit in advance, and why is the man of God now visiting the sangoma? What happened to relentless prayer? In short, the conman was conned 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@WaPholala: We as South Africans demand that President Ramaphosa must honor her with the order of Ikhamanga or Baobao or Tambo for this excellent action.


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