Springboks trophy safeWorld trophy safe after Robbers target-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

In a bold and audacious heist on Monday evening, two robbers were caught on surveillance cameras, making off with five autographed Springboks jerseys, eight laptops, and a stash of whisky from the South African Rugby Union (SARU) head office.

Break-In at Tygerberg Office Park

The daring theft occurred at the SARU head office in Tygerberg Office Park in Plattekloof, Cape Town. This office houses the replica of the prestigious Webb Ellis trophy.

Robbers in Springboks offices details

According to official police reports, the thieves, arriving in a white Toyota Corolla around 8 pm, skillfully navigated the SARU House’s offices. The Webb Ellis trophy, securely stored in a safe, seemed to be their prime target.

Police Confirmation

Robbers caught on camera robbing Springboks
Robbers caught on camera robbing Springboks-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Confirming the break-in, Captain FC van Wyk, a spokesperson for the Western Cape police, stated that the suspects gained entry by forcing open a window on the ground floor of SARU House.

Webb Ellis Trophy Safe: SARU Reassures Public

Surveillance footage shared on social media depicts the thieves’ apparent fascination with the trophy, briefly lifting it before continuing their quest for valuables. Despite the theft of signed jerseys, laptops, and whisky, SARU assures the public that all major trophies, including the coveted Rugby World Cup (RWC) trophy, the Webb Ellis Cup, remain safe and untouched after this audacious burglary.

However, it was revealed that sixty additional laptops were reported stolen from another company within the same office park on the same night.

Netizens have mixed feelings about the robbery and are commenting on why they left the recent trophy.

Watch the Video below:


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