Cyan Boujee range roverCyan Boujee's new Range Rover-Image Source@Instagram
Cyan Boujee faced a mix of criticism and excitement on social media after proudly showcasing her latest acquisition, a brand-new Range Rover. The incident unfolded against a backdrop of recent rumors questioning the socialite’s financial standing.

Rumors had circulated, suggesting that Boujee was facing financial challenges, with some even alleging that she couldn’t afford a manager. These speculations gained momentum when a person claiming to be her manager disclosed an alleged altercation involving the socialite.

Cyan Boujee Defies Rumors with New Range Rover Display

Taking to Instagram, Cyan Boujee shared images of her new 2020 Land Rover Velar P250 in a sleek grey colour, purchased from Icar Gezina. In the caption, she subtly referenced the ongoing rumours, quoting Psalms 23 vs 5, perhaps addressing the negativity she had been facing and expressing resilience.

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Cyan Boujee range rover
Cyan Boujee’s new Range Rover-Image Source@Instagram

Celebrities flooded the comment section, congratulating Boujee on her new purchase and expressing joy for her. The display of support countered the online speculations about her financial situation.

Controversy Erupts Over Gift Basket

Despite the positive responses, a wave of criticism emerged after the images were shared on X. Social media users, known as Tweeps, started trolling Boujee for the choice of the gift basket accompanying the car purchase.

Some users questioned why the dealership didn’t provide more luxurious items like Vueve or Moët bottles, deeming the inclusion of cheese puffs after buying a Range Rover as disrespectful.

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Some of the comments included:

  • @YouDunnoVusi: “Haow couldn’t the dealership get her a Vueve or Moët bottle at least? Cheese puffs after buying a Range Rover is pure disrespect.”
  • @Thomas_Thwala: “Y’all still buy cars in Gezina?”
  • @JayFromVenda: “Being given cheese puffs after buying a Range Rover would ruin my entire day.”

Nevertheless, amidst the backlash, some individuals genuinely celebrated Boujee’s new car and defended her against the online criticism.

Positive comments included:

  • @Sihle_E_Nkosi: “Okay mara buy the Range Rover first and then we will see.”
  • @Celebrity_Coner: “What did they give you when you bought your Range Rover?”

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