Cyan Boujee assaults managerCyan Boujee-Image Source@Instagram

Controversial figure Cyan Boujee, known for her presence on social media and as a club DJ, is currently at the centre of legal issues following an alleged assault on her manager.

Incident at Nelspruit Resort

Reports indicate that Cyan Boujee, on January 14, 2024, purportedly attacked her manager, Lerato Wellington Malete, at a resort in Nelspruit.

Root Cause of the Altercation

According to sources close to Lerato, the altercation stemmed from a gig Cyan secured in Korea. Allegedly facing financial difficulties, Cyan insisted on receiving upfront payment for her performance scheduled for February.

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Cyan Boujee-Image Source@Instagram
Cyan Boujee-Image Source@Instagram

Witnesses claim that during the confrontation, Cyan physically assaulted Lerato, punching him multiple times and causing him to fall to the ground. She reportedly berated him, questioning his worth. In response, Lerato, after briefly fainting, sought legal recourse by filing an assault case at the local police station.

Cyan’s Response on Instagram

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Cyan Boujee presented her side of the story. She expressed relief at no longer working with Lerato, stating, “If I actually beat someone up, I’m gonna own up to that sh*t.”

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She defended herself against accusations, saying, “How am I beating up a 49-year-old? It doesn’t make sense.” Cyan asserted that her decision to move to an agency was a consequence of Lerato’s treatment and emphasized her commitment to moving forward.

A History of Controversy

A series of controversies have marked Cyan Boujee’s life. Notably, she had a public fallout with fellow influencer Paballo Noko, with videos circulating of her engaging in a physical altercation with Noko.

Cyan faced legal trouble in a separate incident for allegedly stealing an iPhone 13. Despite an arrest and release, her case was not placed on the court roll due to ongoing investigations by the assigned officer at the Midrand Magistrates Court.

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