Cyan Boujee and Sithelo Shozi-Image Source(Instagram)Cyan Boujee and Sithelo Shozi-Image Source(Instagram)

Cyan Boujee Claps Back At Sithelo Shozi For Calling Her Dirty

South African socialite Cyan Boujee had a disagreement with DJ Sithelo Shozi when Sithelo suggested that Cyan Boujee used the same cloth to clean the entire house.

This caused people on the internet to call Cyan Boujee dirty. Cyan Boujee addressed Sithelo Shozi in a Tik Tok video, telling her that she should be supportive instead of trying to bring her down.

“Your Instagram Mayor decided to comment. The way she’s so observant, she saw two of my clothes looking alike and thought it’s the same cloth that I use for my dishes and also for my toilet, isn’t that crazy?” Cyan said in the vlog.

Cyan Boujee and Sithelo Shozi-Image Source(Instagram)
Cyan Boujee and Sithelo Shozi-Image Source(Instagram)

Cyan went on to school Sithelo on how she should be supporting fellow women trying to succeed in the same industry that she is:

Before I address that, I’m not giving up on my vlogging, I’m enjoying this It’s so crazy how people will bring you down when you’re doing something, people that should actually give you more encouragement, people that share the same career as you – DJing and Influencing.”

Sithelo Shozi gets dragged by Cyan Boujee for mean comments

Cyan Boujee claimed that Sithelo Shozi was more interested in buying designer clothes than buying a house and that she terrorizes men for money.

On the side, she also does terrorize men, but it shocks me because if you terrorize men for money that means you’re rich and if you’re rich you should know that there are different cloths for every literal thing in your house, but it’s crazy because you don’t even have a house, you’re too focused on designers and you couldn’t even buy yourself a house or an apartment to even realize that there are two cloths needed to do different things,” she added.

Watch the video below:

Cyan Boujee then schooled Sithelo on the different types of cloths that should be used to clean different parts of a house. The vlogger later said that she is not dirty, but Sithelo’s heart is, and told her that she needed to clean it.

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