Cyan Boujee-Image Source@InstagramCyan Boujee-Image Source@Instagram

In a shocking turn of events, Cyan Boujee has decided to end her relationship with her new boyfriend, alleging betrayal and infidelity despite showering him with a substantial R50,000 birthday celebration.

The Bried Newfound Love

Cyan recently surprised her fans by sharing glimpses of her vacation with her boyfriend. Keeping in line
with celebrity norms, she concealed her partner’s identity in the shared photos.

In one image, they enjoyed poolside moments, with her standing in the water, embracing him to shield his
face. Another photo showcased their intimacy, with her sitting on him in a revealing swimsuit.

Cyan Boujee dumps boyfriend
Cyan Boujee and boyfriend-Image Source@zoomsoutharica

Before the romantic escapade, she openly disclosed allocating R50,000 to celebrate her man’s 24th
birthday. However, the bliss was short-lived.

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Trouble in Paradise

Things took a turn for the worse when Cyan posted a video announcing their early departure from the
vacation. She expressed, “We are on our way back, and it’s not going quite well because there are certain
chats that I found from someone called ‘a boyfriend.’ So this is like an entire switch in the
relationship; I’m officially single.”

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She proceeded to reveal screenshots of her boyfriend’s cheating. In one chat, he denied having a
girlfriend to another girl, claiming he was on holiday with friends. In another deleted chat, a girl
expressed surprise at waking up to a message from him, leading to the revelation of his infidelity.

An Instagram user commented, “Talking about swindlers, Cyan spent 50k on her boyfriend for his birthday,
only to find receipts that he’s cheating on the last day of their baecation.”

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