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An explosive documentary by the BBC has laid bare the dark and terrifying occult rituals of the late prophet TB Joshua, bringing to light a series of shocking revelations about his involvement in s_exual crimes.

The founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, TB Joshua, is now posthumously accused of engaging in systematic abuse and rape of young girls within his congregation. The documentary, titled “The Cult of TB Joshua,” features compelling testimonies from survivors, exposing manipulative tactics, occultic rituals, and horrifying abuse perpetuated by the religious leader.

Unveiling the Occult Practices: Insider Discloses TB Joshua’s Dark Rituals

In an anonymous interview featured in the BBC documentary, a man who assisted TB Joshua with rituals on the Prayer Mountain disclosed chilling details about the dark rituals performed by the late prophet. According to the informant, TB Joshua had a dedicated prayer room on the mountain adorned with pictures of disciples. He described how TB Joshua would conduct chants around these pictures, placing a knife on their faces.

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Furthermore, a former disciple, who was instrumental in recruiting young virgins for TB Joshua, recounted additional rituals performed after the s_exual exploitation. She revealed that TB Joshua would rape the young virgins and, following the act, take the blood-stained sheets to the prayer mountain.

The motives behind displaying pictures of victim disciples on the prayer mountain and transporting soiled sheets after engaging with virgins remain unclear. Speculations suggest these actions were intended to spiritually manipulate and control the victims.

Previous Accusations and Startling Testimonies

This isn’t the first time TB Joshua has faced accusations of occultism or engagement in dark rituals. In 2021, Evangelist Bisola Hephzi-Bah Johnson, a former assistant to TB Joshua, made a startling revelation, asserting that the late televangelist engaged in rituals involving sleeping with several virgins attending his church.

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