Musa with Wife and AndileMusa Mthombeni, Liesl and Andile Ncube-Image Source(Instagram)

Cruel Joke? Andile Ncube Calls For Dr Musa Mthombeni To Be Investigated Amid The Dr Nandi Drama

Andile Ncube, South African television presenter and best friend of Musa Mthombeni, a medical doctor, recently took a jab at his friend’s profession, leaving some social media users to question whether or not he crossed a line.

Musa, a former child star and current TV presenter, has been the subject of trolls since marrying former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie in 2021. When Ncube tweeted “since we are looking into doctors right now, someone please put a microscope on that Musa guy. How the hell did he get that girl ?!?”, he appeared to be trolling Musa for his marriage to a beauty queen. Musa’s response was tame: “Andile, my brother! Don’t do this! I’m honestly just a sweet and innocent young man from the Vaal. I mean no harm. I do no harm. I’m just a nice guy.”

Musa's wedding
Andile Ncube at Musa and Liesl’s wedding-Image Source(Instagram)

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Banter or Disrespect? Andile Ncube Trolls Musa Mthombeni

While some followers found Ncube’s tweet to be good-natured banter between friends, others criticized the Metro FM Sports Night Live presenter for disrespecting his friend. Twitter users urged Musa to distance himself from Andile, claiming that a true friend would not joke in such a way.

Musa with Wife and Andile
Musa Mthombeni, Liesl and Andile Ncube-Image Source(Instagram)

With a high-profile doctor like Nandipha Magudumana gaining significant attention lately, the medical profession has been in the spotlight, and Mthombeni has received some of the fallout. Despite this, he continues to work as a medical doctor while maintaining his public image as a television presenter.

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Musa and Andile’s back-and-forth banter is typical of their friendship, with the two frequently throwing shade at one another on social media. While some argue that their jabs are disrespectful, others believe it is simply the way that they express their affection for each other.

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