Costa Titch's mother suspects foulCosta Titch and his mother-Image Source(Instagram)

Costa Titch’s Mother Demands Toxicology Results After Her Son’s Death

The mother of Costa Titch, a South African star who passed away in March while performing on stage, has expressed her frustration with the National Health Laboratory Services for failing to release her son’s test results. Costa Titch fell twice on stage, and it was believed by many that the lightning and smoke effects had a detrimental impact on his health, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

Concerns of Foul Play

Approximately a month after Costa’s passing, his mother took control of his Instagram account and made a startling claim. She suggested that her son may have been the victim of foul play, hinting at the possibility of murder. Seeking justice for her beloved son, she highlighted the crucial role of toxicology test results in any potential police investigation.

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Costa Titch's mother s
Costa Titch and his mother-Image Source(Instagram)

Delays in Releasing Test Results

On May 23rd, Costa’s mother returned to Instagram to share her ongoing struggle with obtaining her son’s toxicology test results. She criticized the National Health Laboratory Services for the extended delays in finalizing these tests, emphasizing that she is not the only mother in South Africa waiting for answers. She expressed concern that the lengthy delay could allow anyone responsible for poisoning her son to escape punishment.

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Costa Titch’s mom pleading for assistance

Costa Titch-Image Source(Instagram)
Costa Titch-Image Source(Instagram)

Desperate for closure and justice, Costa’s mother pleaded for help from the public to expedite the release of the medical results. She highlighted the significance of these results, as they are crucial for the police to initiate an investigation into her son’s untimely death. Without the toxicology test results, the authorities are unable to proceed with any potential criminal inquiry.

“I urge the National Health Laboratory Services to prioritize the completion of toxicology tests, not just for my sake but for all the mothers in South Africa who are awaiting answers. It is vital that those responsible for my son’s death do not escape justice. I implore anyone with influence to assist in expediting the release of these crucial medical results,” she passionately wrote on Instagram.

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