Nadia Nakai accused of stealing a wigNadia Nakai-Image Source@X

South African rapper Nadia Nakai is facing accusations of involvement in a wig heist. The controversy revolves around a 26-inch curly frontal wig, valued at R6500, which belongs to Senia of FashionWins Hair Collection in Namibia.

Drama Unfolds in Namibia

Controversial blogger Musa Khawula brought the incident to light on Tuesday, December 20. Allegedly, Nakai, who is known as the girlfriend of the late rapper AKA, faced a wig emergency while preparing to perform in Namibia on September 22. In need of suitable wigs, Nakai borrowed one of Senia’s prized wigs with the understanding that she would either return it or pay the R6500 value.

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Nadia Nakai under fire for stealing wig
Nadia Nakai accused of stealing wig-Image Source@X

However, to Senia’s surprise, Nakai was reportedly spotted back in South Africa wearing the borrowed wig without settling the payment. Senia reached out to Nadia’s management, seeking the return of the wig, but her efforts proved fruitless. The situation escalated when Senia took to social media, prompting a response from Nadia on Instagram, denying the accusations. The confusion deepened when Senia later claimed she received payment from the rapper.

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Resolution and Social Media Reactions

Khawula shared a screenshot of Senia’s appreciative post, confirming the receipt of payment for the wig. Senia expressed gratitude to her supporters and mentioned that she would donate N$1500 (approximately R1800) to charity.

Nadia Nakai wig heist
Nadia Nakai pays for the wig-Image Source@X

From the bottom of my heart, I must thank you all, my lovely Namibians, for the utmost support during my wig issue. I can confirm that I have just received the payment for the wig and will be deleting all my posts regarding this matter.

Social Media Reactions

Reactions on social media varied, with some expressing scepticism and others sympathizing with Nakai. Here are a few responses:

@paballo_maseko: “Now she paid… so it’s clear the lady was right and Nadia was just gaslighting her.”

@Lisa77895576: “Should’ve just apologized and paid from the beginning. Don’t tell us you have 1 million weaves, conclude [that] she’s a mean girl🚮.”

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