Queen Minaj

Controversial Social Media Influencer Queen Minaj Goes Viral After Flaunting V_irginity Certificate 

Social media users have expressed shock after Queen Minaj, a popular unclothed model, proudly displayed her virginity certificate.

Based in Limpopo, Queen Minaj is a well-known social media influencer who made waves in 2022 when she caused a mall to come to a standstill with her daring outfit of a crop top, tight denim shorts that exposed her buttocks, and high heels.

The controversial figure frequently parades around in just a bra and thong, occasionally covering herself with items like egg crates, tree leaves, or doughnuts.

Sometimes, Queen Minaj takes to the streets to market and sell various businesses, drawing significant attention as she often appears nearly naked.

The model faced accusations of immoral behavior and violating children’s rights by the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) when she visited a school and reportedly encouraged students to touch her partially-covered buttocks.

Yesterday, Queen Minaj, real name Lonia Makua,  shared a collage of photos on her  Facebook account, showcasing her virginity certificate to her fans.

Queen Minaj
[Image: Facebook/Queen Minajos]

The certificate was issued by a Dr. Pheli from We Renew Customs Trust. The signed document read:

On the 14th of March 2023, Dr. Pheli treated the p**sy of Lonia, and it went back to the virginity state.”

Queen Minaj beamed:

“Thank you, doctor Pheli for fixing my P*ssy🍑my loose kuk* fixed❤️back to normal 📍kele Virgin Now.”

South Africans expressed amusement as Queen Minaj flaunted her certificate.


“Kgane, how was it? To the extent that it needed a panel beater.”


“Plug me, girl. I want to undo the deeds n no more doing it again😩😩 I regret 🙄 I want to be renewed 🙃🙃”


“Dr. Pheli ke mechanic wa dinnyo straight 😅😅😅from scratch to new one 😂😂😂😂”


“So most girls must see Dr pheli😂😂😂especially those who were dating Nigerians.”

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