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Notorious rapper Shebeshxt has been discharged from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to a general ward following a significant improvement in his condition after a harrowing accident.

The accident, which took place on June 8, occurred while Shebeshxt was heading to a performance. The collision resulted in severe injuries to both him and his partner, Kholofelo Moloto, while tragically claiming the life of their nine-year-old daughter.

Medical Update and Surgery Details

James Magoro, the family spokesperson, updated TshisaLIVE on Shebeshxt’s condition, revealing that the rapper has undergone multiple surgeries on his leg and shoulder. His health has stabilized sufficiently to consider his participation in his daughter’s funeral.

Funeral Postponement and Attendance

To ensure Shebeshxt can be present at the funeral, the family has decided to postpone the service. Magoro explained, “Although he remains hospitalized, we are coordinating with medical staff to allow his attendance at the funeral service on Saturday in Lebowakgomo, Limpopo. After the service, he will return to the hospital to continue his recovery.”

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Magoro added, “He has endured multiple dislocations, and one leg is now stabilized with steel pins and supported by a moon boot. While he is able to walk with assistance, he requires substantial rest and ongoing medical care.”

Legal Actions Against Trucking Company

In response to the tragic accident, Shebeshxt’s family is pursuing legal action against the trucking company deemed responsible for the collision. Details regarding the lawsuit have not yet been fully disclosed.

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Family’s Approach to Tragedy

Addressing the sensitive issue of his daughter’s death, Magoro mentioned that the family has chosen not to directly discuss her passing with Shebeshxt. “While he is aware of her absence, we have not spoken to him about her death, acknowledging the profound grief he is experiencing. He has noticed his daughter is not around and is aware of Kholofelo’s injuries. He has inquired about Kholofelo’s condition but has refrained from asking about his daughter, understanding she did not survive,” Magoro shared.

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