MacG and his fiancee Naledi-Image Source@TwitterMacG and his fiancee Naledi-Image Source@Twitter

Controversial Podcaster MacG Proposes to Long-Term Partner Naledi

During the Podcast and Chill: Road to 1 Million Live event at the SunBet Arena in Pretoria on Sunday 30th July, the notorious Podcast and Chill host MacG surprised everyone by proposing to his long-term partner, Naledi.

Gushing Over His Supportive Girlfriend

A heartwarming video circulating on social media shows MacG  expressing his deep appreciation for his girlfriend’s unwavering support throughout the years. He fondly recalled her encouraging words, saying, “Before all of this happened, there was a lady by my side, who stood next to me and told me ‘Baby you can do this!’ She told me, baby, ‘There’s no one else who can do this’.”

MacG and his fiancee Naledi-Image Source@Twitter
MacG and his fiancee Naledi-Image Source@Twitter

MacG  went on to recount how she stood by him during challenging times, supporting him even when he had financial struggles. “When we just had an I-pad, she did the first show, when I was out, broke, and didn’t have any money, I crashed into her apartment. It was as big as this corner right here, but we chilled and she stuck with me. She’s the only woman who loved me when I didn’t have a show, when I was a nobody. Man, the stories that I can tell you about this lady are incredible,” he emotionally expressed.

A Joyous Moment: The Proposal

With the audience cheering them on, Mac G finally got down on one knee to pop the question. Addressing his love, Naledi Monamodi, he asked, “But because tonight, everybody I love is here… Naledi Monamodi, will you please spend the rest of your life with me?”

MacG and his fiancee Naledi-Image Source@Twitter
MacG and his fiancee Naledi-Image Source@Twitter

Naledi, visibly shocked and overwhelmed, initially stepped halfway off the stage to collect herself. However, after some encouragement from the fans and her son, she confidently walked back towards Mac G and joyfully exclaimed, “YES!”

Mac G’s son was also seen joining in the celebration, congratulating his dad with a handshake for the successful proposal.

A Celebration of 1 Million Subscribers

This romantic proposal followed a significant milestone for Mac G and his co-hosts, Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady, as they celebrated their Podcast and Chill podcast reaching an impressive 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

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