Nota Baloyi and Jay Z-Image Source@InstagramNota Baloyi and Jay Z-Image Source@Instagram

Controversial Claim: Jay Z Labeled a “Broke Billionaire” by Nota Baloyi

In the wake of Pharrell Williams’ successful Paris Fashion Week event, notable South African figure Nota Baloyi took to Twitter to taunt rapper Jay Z, who performed at the star-studded occasion.

Jay Z named a broke billionaire by Nota Baloyi in Bold Claim

However, his bold claim that Jay Z is a “broke billionaire” stirred up controversy and attracted widespread attention.

Reasoning Behind the Statement

Nota Baloyi, known for his outspoken nature, provided his reasoning behind the statement. He pointed out a series of alleged financial missteps by Jay Z, asserting that the rapper’s actions indicated a lack of wealth despite his billionaire status.

Involvement in a Liquor Company Deal

Nota cited instances such as Jay Z’s involvement in a liquor company deal, which reportedly led to debt accumulation, as well as a lawsuit filed against a cologne company he had partnered with.

Nota Baloyi-Image Source@Instagram
Nota Baloyi-Image Source@Instagram

Debate and Skepticism

The provocative statement sparked intense debate among social media users and fans of Jay Z, with many expressing skepticism and challenging Nota’s claims. Nota is well known for his bold and sometimes unwarranted claims he makes on other celebrities. These have gotten him in hot soup and on the bad side of other entertainers even his wife.

Some Twitter users have attacked him and said that at least Jay-Z has money unlike Nota who only has an opinion on Twitter. However Nota seems unfazed by the comments and keeps stating what he thinks despite the backlash that he always gets on the app.

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