Sinqobile Tusani-Image Source@InstagramSinqobile Tusani-Image Source@Instagram

Controversial Businessman Edwin Sodi Allegedly Dating Famous Influencer Sinqobile Tusani

Controversial businessman Edwin Sodi is once again making headlines, this time due to rumors of his alleged relationship with popular influencer and makeup artist, Sinqobile Tusani. The news of their supposed affair has taken social media by storm, with South Africans trying to piece together the details surrounding this surprising revelation.

Unraveling the Allegations

Musa Khawula, a Twitter user, was the one who first brought the alleged relationship to light. According to his tweets, Sinqobile Tusani ended her seven-year-long relationship with her boyfriend to be with Edwin Sodi. To add fuel to the fire, Tusani has deleted all pictures with her ex-boyfriend from her social media accounts, fueling speculation about her connection with the controversial businessman.

Public Reactions to the Rumors

The Twitterverse was ablaze with reactions to this unexpected news. Many were taken aback by the potential pairing, drawing attention to Sodi’s history of relationships with high-profile individuals. On the other hand, some users were skeptical of the claims and accused Musa Khawula of being a home wrecker, questioning the credibility of the allegations.

It’s worth noting that Musa Khawula has a track record of revealing hidden relationships among celebrities. In the past, he exposed AKA’s relationship with Nakai and also brought to light Zinhle’s affair with Murdah Bongz before they publicly confirmed their involvement.

Sinqobile Tusani and ex-boyfriend-Image Source@Twitter
Sinqobile Tusani and ex-boyfriend-Image Source@Twitter

Edwin Sodi’s History of Controversy

Edwin Sodi has been no stranger to controversy. Over the years, he has made headlines with his alleged “hit list” of IT girls, comprising several South African A-listers and prominent influencers. His connections with influential figures have often been a topic of discussion, and this recent revelation about his relationship with Sinqobile Tusani adds yet another layer of complexity to his already controversial reputation.

As of now, both Edwin Sodi and Sinqobile Tusani have not addressed the rumors directly. It remains to be seen how this alleged affair will unfold and whether the public will receive any official statements from the parties involved. Until then, social media will undoubtedly continue to buzz with speculations and opinions surrounding this unexpected news.

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