Jub Jub and Amanda Du-Pont-Image Source@InstagramJub Jub and Amanda Du-Pont-Image Source@Instagram

‘Contradicting statements’ Amanda du Pont’s Claims In 2014 Resurface Amid Jub Jub’s Arrest

Well-known TV presenter and rapper, Jub Jub, has made headlines following his recent arrest. The charismatic media personality voluntarily surrendered himself to the Brixton police on 27 July 2023, after being informed of an issued arrest warrant against him.

Jub Jub Released on R10 000 Bail After Court Appearance

The star was subsequently arrested and charged with rape, assault, and attempted murder. However, he appeared before the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on the same day and was granted bail of R10 000.

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Jub Jub-Image Source@Instagram
Jub Jub-Image Source@Instagram

Amanda du Pont Among Four Accusers

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has confirmed that Jub Jub is facing charges pressed by four individuals, including the renowned actress Amanda du Pont. These allegations date back to 2006, and they have resurfaced amidst the backdrop of Jub Jub and du Pont’s past relationship.

Amanda du Pont’s Past and r*pe claims against Jub Jub

Amanda du Pont and Jub Jub were once in a picture-perfect relationship before parting ways. However, their split was accompanied by allegations of abuse and infidelity, which du Pont openly talked about in the media. In a 2014 magazine cover, she distanced Jub Jub from any rape allegations, denying that he was involved in any such incidents. Yet, in 2021, Amanda du Pont herself accused Jub Jub of rape, leading to a stir on social media.

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Jub Jub and Amanda Du-Pont-Image Source@Twitter
Jub Jub and Amanda Du-Pont-Image Source@Twitter

Social Media Reactions

Social media users have been quick to react to the resurfacing of old sentiments surrounding Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont’s troubled past. A tweet from influencer and content creator, Rumani, sharing the 2014 magazine cover, has gone viral, igniting discussions and debates. Some believe that the recent allegations might be a response to Jub Jub’s controversial sit-and-tell interview on the Podcast and Chill with MacG, where he made some explosive revelations.

On the other hand, some argue that given the numerous accusations of abuse made against Jub Jub by various women, he might be privy to the allegations. The situation has raised questions about the credibility and timing of these accusations.

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