The running community is in deep sorrow following the tragic death of Ogopoleng Modise, a 37-year-old Comrades Marathon runner, after he was fatally stabbed during his training run on Saturday.

Discovery of the Tragedy

Reports state that Modise set out for his routine weekend run on July 6th but failed to return home. His worried friends and family initiated a search, ultimately discovering his lifeless body on July 7th. His remains were found on a pathway stretching from La Verna Hospital to the town.

Investigation and Circumstances

Preliminary investigations suggest that Modise was ambushed by unidentified individuals during his run, resulting in his untimely death. Law enforcement has since commenced a murder investigation to apprehend the culprits.

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Legacy in the Running Community

Modise was a revered figure among runners, having recently completed his eighth Comrades Marathon. His death has sent shockwaves through the community.

A Friend’s Heartbreaking Account

Casper Kempen, a close friend, shared the emotional details of their search and the harrowing discovery of Modise’s body. He mentioned that it was uncharacteristic of Modise to run alone, especially along that particular route due to safety concerns.

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Kempen recounted their search efforts which lasted until midnight, only to resume at dawn. The discovery was made near La Verna Hospital, where they found Modise’s body, brutally attacked for his watch, headlamp, and warm top.

“Ogopoleng went for a solo run on Saturday afternoon at 5 PM. We never ran alone in that area, particularly in winter when the sun sets early. Our search extended until midnight without success. Early the next morning, Stevie and I checked at La Verna Hospital and heard a body had been found by security. Moments later, we were devastated to find it was Ogopoleng, murdered for his possessions. He was an extraordinary individual, and we are beyond heartbroken. RIP, my brother. You have run your race; we miss you dearly,” narrated Casper Kempen.

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