Berita and Nota Baloyi-Image Source@InstagramBerita and Nota Baloyi-Image Source@Instagram

‘Come back home’ Nota Baloyi’s Heartfelt Birthday Message to Ex-Wife Berita

Lavida Nota, a prominent figure, took to social media to express his emotions and wish his ex-wife Berita a happy 32nd birthday. Nota’s heartfelt message resonated with his fans, who were touched by his words.

Nota’s Unyielding Love and Emotional Struggle

Since their separation, Nota has been transparent about his enduring love for Berita and his commitment to their vows. He shared his birthday message for Berita on Twitter, garnering mixed reactions from his followers.

Berita-Image Source@Twitter
Berita-Image Source@Twitter

While some fans encouraged him to move on and let go of the past, the majority pleaded with Berita to reconcile with Nota. Their unwavering support was evident as one fan expressed their desire to see Berita return, with Nota himself acknowledging the sentiment, saying, “I felt this one, no cap. Hope the universe brings y’all together, man.”

Mzansi Reacts to Nota Baloyi’s Birthday Message to ex-wife

The response from Mzansi was overwhelmingly in favor of a reunion between Nota and Berita. Here are some of the top comments from fans:

  • “Happy birthday to our Goat wife Mrs. Nhlamulo 🙏”
  • “Come home, Berita, and happy birthday to her ❤”
  • “I felt this one, no cap. Hope the universe brings y’all together, man.”
  • “If she ever loved you, she will definitely come back.”
  • “O ntso mo rata mfetho neh … I understand what you’re going through. I went through it ages ago. It’s not a good space to be in. It’s life.”
  • “Khawkhe usbalisele ke ngoku … konakalaphi, what did you do exactly which made her run away from you?”

The outpouring of support reflects the public’s hope for reconciliation and the desire to see Nota and Berita rekindle their love.

Recalling Berita’s Previous Birthday Message

Nota also shared a screenshot of Berita’s birthday message to him in 2021. In her heartfelt message, Berita acknowledged Nota’s immense responsibilities and the weight he carries on his shoulders. Nota responded emotionally, mentioning how Berita had left him to bear this burden alone, leading to his ongoing struggle.

Nevertheless, Nota reaffirmed his commitment to his vows and pledged to demonstrate his love through his actions. He stated, “I still carry the world’s weight on my shoulders without any help… Though you failed to show me the unwavering love & adoration you promised, I hope you see that I don’t break my promises. I honour vows & continue to let my actions speak louder than words. Happy Birthday! 🎉😘”

As the public eagerly waits to see what the future holds for Nota and Berita, their heartfelt messages and the reactions they elicited demonstrate the enduring impact of their relationship.

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