The Nelson Mandela HouseNelson Mandela House to be restored to its former glory-Image Source@X

The Nelson Mandela Houston house is set to be restored by the Collen Mashawana Foundation after it trended because of the state that it was in after the family members fought over it.

Once frequented by renowned personalities like Naomi Campbell and Oprah Winfrey, the historic home of Nelson Mandela in Houghton, Johannesburg, has sadly fallen into disrepair. This iconic residence, where Mandela and his family resided, now stands neglected, its walls peeling and its surroundings overgrown.

Fortunately, a beacon of hope emerges as brothers Collen and Cecil Mashawana, along with the Collen Mashawana Foundation, join forces with Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi to initiate the restoration of the Mandela home.

Abandoned Heritage

While the adjacent Mandela residence on 13th Avenue has undergone a transformation into an upscale boutique hotel, the neighbouring home on 12th Avenue, where Mandela spent his later years, tells a different story. This dwelling, once alive with the presence of Mandela’s grandchildren Ndaba, Mbuso, and Andile, now stands abandoned, plagued by controversy and neglect.

Following disputes with the Nelson Mandela Trust and utility disconnections due to outstanding bills, the home and its once beautiful garden have succumbed to neglect and decay.

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The Nelson Mandela Houston House
The Nelson Mandela House to be restored-Image Source@X

A Vision for Restoration

The intervention of the Collen Mashawana Foundation signifies a renewed hope for the Mandela family and their ancestral home. Collen Mashawana, accompanied by Premier Lesufi, embarked on a poignant journey through the historic property, envisioning the revival of its former glory.

Reflecting on the visit, Collen expresses profound reverence for the Mandela legacy, emphasizing the significance of restoring not just a physical structure but the spirit of resilience and unity embodied by Nelson Mandela.

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Commitment to Legacy

In a steadfast commitment to honouring South Africa’s heritage, Collen Mashawana declares the restoration of the Mandela home as a sacred duty. Aligned with the Mandela family’s aspirations, this partnership between the Mashawana Foundation and the Gauteng Provincial Government seeks to preserve Mandela’s enduring values.

As Collen reaffirms his personal connection to Mandela’s ideals of strength and compassion, the restoration project emerges not only as a physical endeavour but as a testament to Mandela’s legacy of peace and reconciliation.

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