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American music sensation Chris Brown recently astounded the world with a heartwarming act of generosity towards Naledi Aphiwe, a talented schoolgirl hailing from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The surprise came in the form of a substantial R55,000 payment for featuring her voice on his latest album, ’11:11′.

Uncovering Naledi Aphiwe’s Talent

The captivating story unfolded when Chris Brown stumbled upon a TikTok video in 2022 featuring Naledi Aphiwe singing alongside her classmates. Enamored by her extraordinary vocal talent, Brown reposted the video on his Instagram stories, declaring her voice as “incredible.” Following this, he reached out to Aphiwe seeking permission to incorporate her rendition of a Big Zulu song in Zulu language into his album, a request she wholeheartedly accepted.

Generosity Beyond Recognition

Chris Brown and Naledi Aphiwe-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Naledi Aphiwe’s contribution to the song ‘Shooter’ earned her a notable credit as one of the writers alongside Chris Brown and other collaborators. In addition to this recognition, Chris Brown extended his gratitude with a generous R55,000 payment. Aphiwe, expressing her astonishment and appreciation, shared, “Chris Brown did what I would have never done. There are many people who are talented outside, and he chose a child from a small city like mine.”

Aphiwe’s newfound recognition has significantly impacted her life, prompting positive changes in her circumstances. With the unexpected reward, she revealed plans to purchase a new phone for content creation and music promotion. Additionally, she expressed her desire to visit her mother’s grave, intending to make amends for missed Thanksgiving arrangements following her mother’s burial the previous year.

Mzansi Celebrates

The gesture from Chris Brown resonated strongly with South Africans, who applauded him for elevating Naledi Aphiwe onto the global stage. While some expressed gratitude, others voiced concerns about the perceived modesty of the monetary reward.

“Wow, Chris a real one for this 🙌🏾💯” – Tshepixo

“Local artists don’t give them even a penny! Now you want more from Chris?” – Shonny

“Unlike your local faves who just chow vulnerable artists and give them no cent. Big up to Chris Brown for this.” – Tebogo

“I guess people expected more because I don’t think half a million would’ve made a difference to Chris brown, but ke this is not bad plus also getting a share of the royalties for the song as long as it’s being streamed. That’s a great deal!” – Sihle

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