Choice Mathebula and SK Khoza-Image Source@InstagramChoice Mathebula and SK Khoza-Image Source@Instagram


SK Khoza Allegedly Assaulted by Fiancée: Choice Kate Mathebula Speaks Out

SK Khoza Explains the Alleged Assault

South African model Choice Kate Mathebula, who is currently residing in England, has responded to accusations made by actor Sthembiso “SK” Khoza, claiming that she assaulted him during his visit to the UK.

According to SK, Choice physically attacked him because of another woman. He stated that she asked him to sever all ties with the woman and even requested him to call her. SK claimed that he complied with her demands, but his fiancée didn’t believe him and asked him to leave her house.

SK explained, “I went upstairs to pack my bag and asked her to forward my flight details. However, she refused and insisted that I purchase another ticket and leave immediately.”

He further revealed that he informed his fiancée that he could only buy a ticket after receiving his payment on the 31st. However, she allegedly didn’t want to hear any of it.

Choice Mathebula and SK Khoza-Image Source@Instagram
Choice Mathebula and SK Khoza-Image Source@Instagram

According to SK, his fiancée wanted to evict him in the middle of the night in a foreign country, but he refused. It was during this confrontation that he claims she physically assaulted him.

“She didn’t want me to stay in the house, so she started hitting me with three wooden spoons until they broke,” said SK. He added that Choice then took a tin opener and struck him with the sharp end until it broke as well. Finally, she allegedly attacked him with a knife.

SK Khoza Hospitalized After Alleged Assault

Following the incident, SK Khoza was admitted to the hospital. In a now-deleted Instagram Live video, he showed his injuries, which included cuts on his arms, ears, a swollen upper lip, and a bruised neck.

While lying in the hospital bed, SK emotionally shared, “I almost lost my ear tonight, I almost lost my finger tonight. I have two broken knees right now. From a spatula to a tin opener to a knife, and now I’m lying in a hospital in England.”

Choice Kate Mathebula Responds to the Allegations

SK mentioned that this was not the first instance of violence from his fiancée. He claimed that earlier this year, she bit off his entire nail and that he had opened a case against her. He stated that she is currently in custody.

However, Choice Kate Mathebula refuted SK’s claims and denied being arrested. When approached for a statement, she responded, “I am not detained, and I am currently at work. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to talk right now.”

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