Gabriel Temudzani-Image Source@InstagramGabriel Temudzani-Image Source@Instagram

Chief Azwindini ‘Gabriel Temudzani’ Back on Muvhango by Public Demand

After a period of public outcry, Gabriel Temudzani is making a highly anticipated return to his iconic role as Chief Azwindini in the popular television show, Muvhango.

Fans’ Furious Reaction to Chief Azwindini’s Exit

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Chief Azwindini would be leaving Muvhango, which sparked outrage among fans. Following his departure, the show experienced a significant decline in viewership. In response to the fans’ dissatisfaction, the show’s management has decided to reverse their initial decision.

Gabriel Temudzani-Image Source@Instagram
Gabriel Temudzani-Image Source@Instagram

Gabriel Temudzani’s Unhappiness and Cryptic Exit

When Gabriel Temudzani left Muvhango, he expressed his unhappiness and felt that his time on the show was not yet over. Surprisingly, he did not provide any further details regarding his departure, choosing instead to share a picture of the news on his Instagram stories.

The Exciting Announcement of Gabriel’s Return

Excitement spread among fans when Gabriel Temudzani shared the news of his comeback to Muvhango. He expressed his gratitude for the public outcry that led to his return, stating, “Indoda must have 9 lives…. Azwindini is back by popular demand Muvhango. Thanks to the public outcry 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👊🏼. The viewers have power. #Muvhango #Azwindini.”

Gabriel Temudzani-Image Source@Instagram
Gabriel Temudzani-Image Source@Instagram

Fans’ Reactions and Celebrations

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement and flooded Gabriel’s Instagram post with congratulatory messages. Some of the comments included:

  • “The u-turn they took is a win, we all know they were releasing you, my brother. Great decision.”
  • “They almost killed Vhangani, imagine… welcome back Vhafhuwi.”
  • “Aaaàaaaaah musanda. I’ll definitely start watching again. Welcome back Mutavhatsindi from the South African in America 🇿🇦🇺🇲.”
  • “I stopped watching Muvhango when Tenda shot you. I am back now 🙌🙌. The goosebumps I had when you entered with your wood stick 🙌, and with 2 drops of tears of joy. Welcome back Azwiii.”

Gabriel Temudzani Reflects on His Role in Muvhango

Gabriel Temudzani, who has been part of Muvhango for over twenty years since he was only twenty himself, shared his thoughts on his role in an interview with SOWETAN LIVE. He stated, “Muvhango will always be part of who I am. It has contributed to the person that I am now. The show gave me a chance to put Venda culture and language on the map. Venda people today are proud of themselves because people know about them. We need to be grateful [as Venda people] of a platform like Muvhango.”

He also spoke about the impact the character of Azwindini had on him, saying, “Being part of the show has been phenomenal, eye-opening, and fulfilling. Playing Azwindini has taught me a lot about leadership because he was a trendsetter. I have gained a lot from the character.”

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