Gogo Maweni-Image Source@InstagramGogo Maweni-Image Source@Instagram

Celebrity Sangoma Gogo Maweni Performs Bizarre Rituals on New Car

Celebrity Sangoma and reality star Gogo Maweni left many puzzled with one of her bizarre rituals after purchasing her new car. The sangoma is topping trends after she purchased a new Ranger Rover. She has since dropped pictures of her new car on social media, and her followers have flooded her comment section with congratulations messages.

Gogo Maweni Performs Rituals on Her New Car

No doubt she has been winning big of late. This is her second purchase in three months. However, what left Mzansi puzzled was her video of performing rituals on the new car. Her followers had mixed feelings over the sharing of the video. Some heaped her praise for not being shy about her tradition and beliefs.

Gogo Maweni-Image Source@Instagram
Gogo Maweni-Image Source@Instagram

Controversial Reactions on Social Media

While some took a swipe at the sangoma, revealing that it was a mere marketing gimmick. On the other hand, some were more than convinced that it was the best car insurance one could ever get. Maweni is seen doing rituals in the car with another woman in the now-viral video. Some comments made rounds after the video dropped on social media.

@mponeboni commented: “Where are my ancestors to come and see how other ancestors bless their kids.”

@DumaniDludla said: “Don’t touch that car even by mistake if you aren’t associated with her. Even if you are dreaming and you see her car, go the other way.”

@sosoalivee added: “Next thing, the steering wheel is a snake. Whuuuu.”

Impressive Automobile Collection

Over the years, Gogo Maweni has managed to cap her life of glitz and glamour with the finest things the world can offer, from designer clothes to exotic cars. In the wake of her newfound fame, she has often topped trends with her impressive car collection that screams luxury. Besides the latest Range Rover addition, here are some of the cars reportedly owned by Gogo Maweni:

    • Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG
    • Mercedes-Benz CLA 200
    • Mercedes-Benz GLA 45
    • Audi A5

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