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Cassper Nyovest’s Heartfelt Tribute to AKA in New Album “Solomon”

South African rap sensation, Cassper Nyovest, has surprised fans with a touching tribute to his late rival, AKA, in his latest album titled “Solomon.” The release of this album marks Nyovest’s return to the rap scene after a hiatus triggered by the Amapiano music trend.

The Emotional Song: “Candlelight”

In this remarkable album, Cassper Nyovest dedicates a song titled “Candlelight” to honor his late adversary, AKA. Through heartfelt lyrics, Nyovest raps:

“The other day, I went to see your family. I was scared because I thought they’d be mad at me, but they embraced me. Your mama is a lady, and your father might be cooler than you maybe. Everybody misses you. Aunty Lynn, Uncle Tony, we are with you. And every time you feel down, we will lift you. We pray to the mighty God that we live through.”

Cassper Nyovest and AKA-Image Source@Twitter
Cassper Nyovest and AKA-Image Source@Twitter

This touching tribute extends to the late rapper Costa Titch, who was once Nyovest’s dancer. Despite their past differences, Nyovest pays homage to Costa Titch:

“Another candlelight for Costa. Big Flexa, my dude you were awesome. I know we had a little issue. We are human. But I just wanna let you know umurule.”

The Saga of Cassper Nyovest and AKA

The enmity between Cassper Nyovest and AKA is legendary in South African music. Their long-standing feud was marked by intense rivalry, with one notable incident being when AKA slapped Cassper, leading to a public outcry on Twitter.

There were talks of a boxing match between the two at one point, but it never materialized.

However, with AKA’s tragic passing, the animosity between the two artists vanished. Cassper Nyovest extended his condolences to the Forbes family, and AKA’s father, Tony, publicly acknowledged and thanked him. Cassper, unfortunately, couldn’t attend the funeral as he was in the United States at the time.

Mixed Reactions from Fans

While Cassper Nyovest’s tribute to AKA is undoubtedly significant in South African music, it has garnered mixed reactions from fans online. Some believe Nyovest is seeking attention and publicity through this tribute:

Cardo: “always making things about him mxm.”

Lelo: “Nonsensical tribute. He left his homies Jabba, Ricky, and Sumbody to boost his whack album. Riding Idolo wave beyond the grave. I guess he’s in need of sympathy streams.”

Chris: “No one can convince me by saying Cassper Nyovest is genuinely paying respect to AKA. He failed to show Kiernan love when he was still alive. Why wait for him when he’s no more so he can push his album?”

Mthiya: “He wants to boost sales.”

Despite the divided opinions, Cassper Nyovest’s tribute serves as a poignant moment in the South African music industry, reminding us of the complexity of emotions and relationships that exist within it.

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