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Cassper Nyovest Sparks Controversy With “Disrespectful” Tweet In Response To Criticism About Costa Titch

Cassper Nyovest, real name Refiloe Maele Phoolo, faced criticism from fans for his response to a Twitter user, which was deemed disrespectful.

On March 13th, Cassper Nyovest posted a tweet about the late rapper Costa Titch shortly after, a Twitter user had asked him if the dancer in a video circulating on social media was Titch, and he responded to the inquiry.

Cassper Nyovest wrote:

Yeah. This was Costa when he was still dancing for me.

However, this response did not sit well with Cassper Nyovest’s fans, who felt that he could have phrased his answer differently by acknowledging that he had worked with Costa Titch.

@YourWorship_L wrote:

You could’ve just said y’all worked together, nawe kodwa😩.

In response, Nyovest fired back with an “inappropriate comment.” He wrote:

Marete a gago geh!!!

Below are some of the comments on Twitter.


But you celebrities have real anger issues hey lol there’s literally nothing wrong with what the guy said for you to swear at him Mara nawe


Date educated men who don’t swear when they lose an argument


Why are you swearing chief… that your normal response to situations


Common dude,  did you have to say he was dancing for you?

Cassper Nyovest has once again managed to upset his fans, as he did following the tragic death of fellow rapper Kiernan Forbes, who was also known as AKA, after a shooting incident in Durban recently.

Following AKA’s death, Nyovest faced criticism from Twitter users who felt that he did not offer his condolences and pay his respects promptly as expected.

In related news, reports indicate that the police have initiated an investigation into the death of musician Costa Titch, who passed away while performing at Ultra in Johannesburg on Saturday.

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