Cassper Nyovest(Image Credit: Zalebs/ @casspernyovest)

The glitz and glamour of celebrity culture often take centre stage, but some stars are choosing to walk a different path rooted in faith. Similar to rapper J Molley, who publicly declared his baptism on June 30, Cassper Nyovest has also been vocal about his spiritual journey and wanting to start a ministry.

Sharing His Journey at the Miraculous Catch Youth Revival 2024

During the Miraculous Catch Youth Revival 2024 event in Durban, Nyovest opened up about his life-changing experience as a born-again Christian, discussing his triumph over sex addiction.

This wasn’t the first time Nyovest spoke about his faith. He recounted feeling anxious and unprepared when his pastor encouraged him to give his inaugural sermon.

“I delivered my very first sermon to this congregation. I felt extremely intimidated, weak, and unqualified to speak,” he shared.

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A New Path Guided by Faith

Reflecting on his past, Nyovest acknowledged a life spent pursuing fleeting pleasures and misleading women. However, a transformative moment, where he felt a divine call to change, inspired him to embark on a new path alongside his now-wife, committing to abstinence until marriage.

“My girlfriend at the time (now wife), we embraced salvation together, and I told her, ‘we can’t have sex anymore until we are married,’” he explained.

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Cassper Nyovest and His Vision for Ministry

Nyovest expressed a desire to establish a ministry focused on encouraging men to abandon sexual immorality.

“I want to create a ministry where I can speak to men about giving up this lifestyle. Some may criticize and doubt my salvation, but I have answered God’s call with pride. I am here to lead the lost men of today. I am not superior to anyone; I am simply transformed by the grace of God. Thank you, Lord!” he proclaimed.

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