Cassper Nyovest sends condolences message to AKA's family(Image Source-Twitter)Cassper Nyovest sends condolences message to AKA's family(Image Source-Twitter)

It was a moment of great sadness, as Cassper Nyovest, AKA’s arch-rival and fellow rapper, finally sent his condolence message following his death.

The hip-hop star, AKA, and his best friend Tebello Motsoane, died tragically on Friday night in Durban. This event sent shockwaves throughout the country, as Mzansi had come to love the pair.

Cassper Nyovest and AKA-Image Source(Twitter)

It was a moment of intense speculation and anticipation, as fans awaited to see whether Cassper Nyovest would make a statement following the death of AKA. The two had a long standing beef, stemming from the 2014.

The beef had its origins in Cassper Nyovest’s meteoric rise, which saw him challenging AKA’s hip-hop dominance. It was a source of much controversy to fans, as some thought the two were secretly best friends and that their feud was just for show.

Cassper Nyovest sends condolence message after AKA dies

This morning, Nyovest broke his silence and finally posted a condolence message to AKA’s family and fans. Taking to his Twitter account, the rapper posted a heartfelt message, expressing his sorrow for the loss.

Cassper Nyovest and AKA-Image Source(Twitter)

He wrote, “My heart goes out to AKA’s family, friends, and fans. May his legacy live on forever.” The post was met with much appreciation from fans, who thanked Cassper Nyovest for his kind words and showing respect to his fallen rival.

It was a moment of closure for the rap community, as Mzansi was finally able to say goodbye to the fallen star. Cassper Nyovest’s condolence message marked the end of a controversial feud and allowed fans to remember the rapper for his contributions to the industry.

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