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Shauwn Mamkhize Mkhize, renowned for her flamboyant persona and reality TV stardom, has recently come under scrutiny for her substantial success in securing government tenders, accumulating over R1 billion in taxpayer-funded projects.

The Genesis of Controversy

Two months prior, Carte Blanche delved into the dire financial situation of the Msunduzi Local Municipality in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. Struggling with crippling debts to Eskom and water authorities, the municipality faced immense challenges in providing essential services to its residents.

Despite its financial turmoil, the municipality raised eyebrows when it announced a hefty sponsorship deal with Royal AM, a football club owned by Mamkhize, committing to pay a staggering R27 million.

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Mamkhize’s Triumph in Government Tenders

Carte Blanche uncovered Mamkhize’s extensive involvement in government tenders, branding her a convicted fraudster in its expose. Despite her initial legal pushback, Mamkhize eventually granted an interview, which inadvertently led to a public relations debacle.

Since 2005, Mamkhize’s companies have secured contracts exceeding R1 billion for various taxpayer-funded projects, encompassing low-cost housing initiatives and public works.

Additional reports suggest that Mamkhize, formerly known as Shauwn Mpisane, amassed tenders worth R1.1 billion within a seven-year period, even amidst legal battles spanning from fraud charges to tax evasion allegations.

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Mamkhize’s Response

In the wake of the scandal, Mamkhize adopted a defiant stance, asserting her right to succeed independently of her political lineage. She emphasized her perseverance and achievements as a testament to her hard work and resilience, rebuffing criticisms rooted in her family’s political affiliations.

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